here’s one more :D i tried to make of rudra & paro but couldn’t find good videos on youtube…enjoy this fabulous couple :D :D and since i didn’t get a chance to make much :( you can ask anything you want :D :D so ask away :D your wish is my command :D 

Happy birthday to you…happy birthday to you…happy birthday…happy birthday…happy birthday to you….AAAAASSSSSSHHHHHIIIIII!!!! my jaanu…i wish you all the best wishes and all the happiness you can possible imagine :D i’m sorry i’m late…my lappy was being a biatch x_X but i wish you sooo much and you’re one of the best friends I have and such an amazing person…love you girl :D :D 

chicagobearsfan615 asked: Hey! I see you like Bollywood as much as I do

Yes I do :) I have a blog just for bollywood stuff…feel free to check it out….Infinitebollywood 

Sharona Birthdaymix, listen here  
Its your bday so why not have a looooong playlist full of awsome songs? so what did i doo, made a birthday mix of old and new songs you like and some just is partyy once and i have saved the best for the last :D *hint hint*  hope you like it and i love you alooot <3 

Happy Birthday Sharona jiiii!!! <33

Sweetiepyy, myyyy samosaaa, ILY, words come short to describe you, you are a very very very verrrry special friend to mee, i just dont know what i shud tell to youuu just that thank god and thank you for being my friend, to listing to my bakwaas, to bare with me to smile with me to share your talkies with me, and i really reallly adore you sooo much, your like a big sis to me i never had! <33 thank you sooo much and i just wishhh you a very very happy and a SUPER amazing birthday may all your dreams come true and you succeed in everything you want to do„ Aaaaaaaaand yeah i shud not make this longg cuz baby, i have sooo much suprise for you, this is just a start :P (hope you like my junk i made:P) 

lots of love, ashii <33333333333 x3 

Ajaaa re aaaaja reee Ranveer aaaja… Happy Birthday Sharona

yes yes yessss my aim was to kill you… now i hope you like got died of thisss and now ur a prettyfull souul :P  okay jk jk :p nooo i knew u are loveing mr. ranveer singh very much soo I HAD tooo make somehting for youuu a whole gifset special for you! :P 

hope you love it 

xoxo ashii 

Happy Birthday Sharona <3


okay this one is the last one before i littarrly kill you HAHAHA or did you already died? well i hope so :P hehehe ayneee i am being mean but I HAD TO OK! hes just akdjaskljd okay let me not drool over your husband :P anywasss this was the last one hope youuuuu loved it ! <33 

love ashii